Viva Invest is a set of tools and materials to facilitate work with investments and investment companies

We develop trading robots for the Forex market:

  1. VivaCopier - copies deals from accounts where Wall Street Cash robots are installed with a corrective algorithm for opening deals.
  2. VivaRescuer - picks up existing open trades to continue trading. This robot will be useful if the existing robot in use stops working for some reason, for example, if a trading robot checks the license on the developer's website, but the developer's website suddenly stops working and, accordingly, the robot also stops working, since it cannot check the license. This is especially dangerous during periods of large drawdowns, since trading on open trades must be brought before they are closed by the robot's algorithms, otherwise the currency price may establish (correct) far from the prices of open deals, and then go even further - while the drawdown will increase, which can lead to to the loss of the deposit (the robot is in development).
  3. VivaTM.Investor - conveniently displays the status of the trading account, and also displays data on the investor's contribution directly in the trading terminal (displaying information on the investor's contribution to development).